Dr. Charles B Hensley

Dr. Charles B Hensley Dr. Charles B Hensley Dr. Charles B Hensley

Creator of Zicam, Entrepreneur,  Author of Cold Wars & VIRAL WINDS - The Coronavirus Wars & Host of Medicine Man TV Series

Proclamation: SARS CoV2 inhibitors delivered via a nasal spray could stop the spread of COVID-19

"Widespread use of safe and effective SARS CoV2 inhibitors delivered in a nasal spray could curtail the transmission of COVID-19 by stopping the virus from propagating in the upper respiratory tract.

The development and deployment of a safe and effective nasal spray containing inhibitors of the SARS CoV2 virus should be a National priority."

Dr. Charles B. Hensley 2020


Those who knew Dr. Charles B. Hensley as a young man weren’t surprised at his success.  He first rose to prominence and was featured on USA TODAY, TIME MAGAZINE and all news media when he created the successful product and brand (Zicam) and co-founded Zicam, LLC.  He was in the news again appearing on CNBC ASIA when he trekked into Asia’s Hot Zone to work on a solution for SARS.  In the years that followed, he turned his focus to promoting entrepreneurialism and creating, acquiring and investing in new corporate ventures. He is the author of “Cold Wars” & “VIRAL WINDS - The Coronavirus Wars ” and the host of The Medicine Man television series. 

VIRAL WINDS - The Coronavirus Wars

Dr. Charles Hensley's quest to help mankind during the SARS crisis of 2003 sets him on a journey which leads him into the secret and political world of emerging viral disease.  Having earned a reputation for inactivating viruses by the strategic use of natural compounds, Dr. Hensley finds himself whisked into emerging viral hot spots such are Taiwan and Hong Kong during the SARS epidemic and Vietnam, Thailand and Egypt during outbreaks of avian influenza.  The journey is an exotic seductive blend of danger, excitement, anxiety, and Chinese mysticism and ultimately threatens to destroy his very existence as he discovers that it is not the viruses that pose the greatest danger, but rather the forces that seek to create and control them


Redondo Beach, California 2020

     It was a warm Saturday afternoon when I got the fateful call.  The call I knew would eventually come but had hoped never would.  The call was from a friend in China letting me know that it had finally happened.  SARS was back and it seemed to be worse than ever.

     This time the outbreak was in the industrial city of Wuhan and was spreading like wildfire. The World Health Organization eventually named the virus SARS CoV2 and the disease COVID-19. Even though it had been seventeen years since I had travelled to the SARS hot zone at the request of the President of Taiwan, the news brought it all back to me as if it were yesterday.

     When my friend asked if I would help again, a cold shutter went down my spine.  Even though the virus hunter in me was anxious to take another shot at it, the pragmatist in me was telling me no way.  As I processed what I was told and what it most likely meant, my mind flashed back to the time when it all started.  The day my journey into the secret and political world of emerging viruses began.

Charles B. Hensley, VIRAL WINDS • The Coronavirus Wars


“It is not the viruses that pose the greatest danger, but rather the forces that seek to create and control them.” 

Charles B. Hensley, “VIRAL WINDS • The Coronavirus Wars”.

Medicine Man Series

Personal Appearances and Media

Key Note

Dr. Hensley eloquently weaves his motivational  message with his “against all odds” experiences in creating and marketing ZICAM, working in the trenches of the SARS “Hot Zone” and battling big pharma and the federal authorities as they tried to stop his work.

Media Appearances

Dr Hensley details his astonishing journey in the SARS hot zone and how it directly relates to the travesty and exploitation we are now seeing with the new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

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